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Cracked Windshield Repair
for Long Cracks

If you have a cracked windshield, repair is still an option!

Any crack over 6" is considered a long crack. As with short cracks, both the original rock chip and the crack must be repaired to restore the structural integrity of the windshield.

Cracks from 6-14" can be repaired, however, I do not provide this service at this time. I do offer a stop crack procedures if you don't have insurance and cannot afford a replacement.

Insurance Claims for Long Cracks

If the windshield crack is longer than 6" your insurance may not pay for the repair.

Usually, insurance companies require that you get a new windshield if it contains a crack over 6 inches long. Not only will you have to pay the deductible, but installation claims often result in increased insurance rates.

large crack across windshield in driver's line of vision
The long crack is in the driver's line of vision. This cracked windshield cannot be repaired.

For best results, get cracked windshields repaired as soon as possible.

The quality of the repair often depends on the following:

  • type of windshield damage
  • length and age of the break
  • amount and type of contamination inside the break

If you notice a rock chip or small crack starting to spread, immediately call GlassLogic at for cracked windshield repair.

Stop Crack Procedures

If you need your windshield replaced but you cannot afford it, I can do an emergency stop crack procedure. This usually stops a crack from spreading, but the entire length of the crack is not filled with resin.

This is a temporary measure and should not be substituted for replacing the windshield.

If you cannot afford your deductible, speak to your insurance agent about getting a stop crack repair. I have found that in some cases, insurance companies will pay for a stop crack procedure and waive the deductible.

Sometimes the crack fills on its own during the stop crack procedure. However, I cannot guarantee that the crack will fill more than a few inches from either end.

In some cases, an inspection is necessary for me to determine if a crack is repairable. You can save time and avoid a possible service call fee by measuring the crack first.

I do not repair cracks longer than 6 inches!

If the crack is shorter than 7" but you are still unsure whether it can be fixed, feel free to email a photo of the damage for me to review. (Please contact me for further instructions.)

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