Headlamp Restoration Infinity G25 Coupe

by Robb L.
(Fort Worth, Texas)

I just purchased a 2007 Infinity G25 Coupe that is absolutely perfect except... Being in the Texas sun, the Xenon Headlamps which are one piece had significant sun damage. It was really the only indication that the car wasn't brand new or garaged at all times.

I did some research and priced what it would cost to replace them...
Infinity wanted over $500 each (not installed)
OEM on ebay close to between $350-$400.00 each

I read on the internet about different polishes but all the blogs / comments said that it was temporary and not as good as true restoration.

Today was raining here and a Saturday + I am going out of town tomorrow. I thought I would get a quote from a professional and have them do it when I got back.

I was amazed that the gentleman offered to come to my home, do the repairs in my garage "today". He literally met me in less than 1/2 an hour. I watched the entire repair which took less than an hour and was amazed. They look brand new. Even if I knew how I wouldn't have wanted to try as I would have been afraid to have a power sander so close to the hood and fender paint. The job was

It was about a 5-6 step process and he obviously knew what he was doing. I sincerly recommend GlassLogic .. if you have the same problem, I know I will use them again... when I buy my next luxury sports car or sedan..

I cant thank you guys enough for your quick / professional service.

Robb L. MPT
FW Texas

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