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Paint Scratch Repair -
Car Scratch Removal Service

There is nothing worse than an ugly scratch on your beautiful vehicle! But paint scratch repair at a body shop can cost hundreds of dollars. GlassLogic offers mobile paint scratch repair for a fraction of the cost.

Our experienced technician uses a professional system that completely removes 90% of paint chips and scratches.

If you have tried As-Seen-On-TV car paint scratch removers, you probably discovered they only hide the damage. After a few car washes, those ugly scratches come back to life. Why? Those products temporarily fill the scratch—they don't remove it.

Our scratch repair is permanent!

What Types of Scratches can be Repaired?

We repair all kinds of damage:

  • paint chips
  • car key scratches
  • fingernail scratches
  • tree branch scratches
  • car wash brush swirls
  • scuff marks and paint rubs
  • mysterious scratches that appear out of nowhere!

Generally, if you rub your fingernail across the scratch and it does not "catch" we can repair it.

We use a professional paint scratch remover system...not cheap over-the-counter scratch filler products that don't work.

We complete a four part micro sanding process to remove the scratch and blend it in with surprising and effective results. Then, the repair is finalized with a micro polishing process that adds a hard protective coating and brings out a beautiful and lustrous shine. The repaired area even resists new scratches!

The repair is permanent. The scratch will not reappear after a few weeks or a few car washes.

We're sure you will be pleased with the results!

Fast, Mobile Service

We can usually offer same-day mobile service. Repairs take approximately 15 minutes for each scratch. (Long or deep scratches take longer.)

Our technician comes to any convenient location in our Dallas service area for your repair. No electricity is required, however, the area should be out of direct sunlight, wind, and rain.

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Cheaper than an Auto Body Shop

Our car scratch repair service will save you a lot of money. Body shops often charge hundreds of dollars to remove a scratch. Our cost is much less! You will save, on average, $200 - $600 over having a body shop repaint the entire panel!

Combine paint scratch repair with windshield repair or headlight restoration services at the same appointment, and receive a discount!

Call us today at to schedule an appointment!

Save Money • Save Time • Save Your Paint Job

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